The dBridge is a high quality solid bar bridge, designed to replace ‘tune-o-matic’ style adjustable bridges found on many guitars (e.g. Gibson and Gretsch).

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Your dBridge is hand crafted by me to your exact specifications. With saddle positions copied from your stock bridge, your dBridge will have excellent intonation. And with no moving parts, you get great clarity and sustain, and no rattling or buzzing!

Dave Brown | db guitars | Glasgow, UK
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“Hi Dave, I am really liking the bridge you made for me, it feels much nicer under the hand than the stock bridge and I think looks more balanced visually as well.”
– Matt Cowe | www.mattcowe.com

Matt’s Gretsch G6122-1959, with slimline brass dBridge (click for full image)




dBridge Slimline Aluminium
‘Slimline’ design

The slimline dBridge has a classic design that looks great on vintage style guitars, especially those with floating wooden bridge bases (e.g. Gretsch hollow bodies)

dBridge Aluminium Modern
‘Modern’ design

The modern dBridge has a chunky contemporary look, that works well on solid body guitars with ‘tune-o-matic’ bridge studs (e.g. Gibson Les Paul, Gretsch Duo Jet)


dBridge Aluminium Modern
Aluminium dBridge

The aluminium dBridge is hand polished to a mirror finish, and looks great on guitars with chrome or nickel hardware. Tonally, this is the brightest dBridge material.

dBridge Brass
Brass dBridge

The brass dBridge is also polished to a mirror finish, and is a great match for guitars with gold hardware. Tonally, this is a slightly warmer sounding bridge.

ebony slimline dBridge
Ebony dBridge

Ebony is a popular bridge material on jazz hollow body guitars – but the tone is surprisingly lively with plenty of sustain. Ebony is an ideal choice for guitars with bright single coil pickups – it does a good job of controlling the high end whilst retaining clarity.

ebano modern dBridge
Ebano dBridge

Ebano is an environmentally friendly alternative to ebony, from UK company Rocklite. It has a very consistent grain and colour, and looks great on guitars with ebony bridge bases. Sonically, it has the same properties as ebony.


How to Order

September 2018 : sorry, we are not currently accepting new orders for custom dBridges.